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Q: How many coaching sessions do I schedule? 

The Uncommon Essay requires the scheduling at sign-up of four one-hour sessions in order to ensure availability and to determine the timing of Discovery steps, which set the stage for coaching. Students signing up for The Jumpstart Program schedule one session, which builds on Discovery progress. (Please also see, below, "How much time should I allow for the preliminary Discovery steps?")

Q: How much time should I allow between Uncommon coaching sessions? 

Seven to ten days between sessions is ideal. Most important is to try to allow no more than ten days between Sessions 1 and 2 (for pre-drafting work) and to allow enough time after Sessions 2 and 3 for drafting and revision.

Q: How much time should I allow for the preliminary Discovery steps?  

Allow at the very least two weeks between securing a schedule (with deposit) and the initial coaching session for the completion of the Ten Sentences Exercise & Exchange and Two Cents From 'Rents (more below). A lead time of a month is ideal. Receipt of the coaching deposit launches the Discovery steps. 

Q: What happens after scheduling?  

Once scheduled sessions are secured with deposit, Hillside reaches out by e-mail with next steps. Students signed up for The Uncommon Essay Program or for The Jumpstart receive a personal introductory message and access to the Ten Sentences exercise, with a deadline for completion (parents are copied). Parents are meanwhile asked to respond online to the specific Two Cents From 'Rents prompts. All Discovery material informs the initial coaching session. 

Q: Does coaching have to happen in person?   

For local clients, Hillside strongly recommends in-person coaching, at least for the initial session. Coaching via Skype, FaceTime, or phone (using shared online documents in real time) is available and common. 

Q: Does Hillside have morning coaching time available by Skype when the school year is underway? 

Arrangements can sometimes be made to schedule coaching time with students who have openings in their class schedules. Inquire by e-mail



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