Important Guidelines

Because process is paramount, we ask you to pay attention to the following when scheduling:

1. The Uncommon Essay course requires four scheduled sessions. Allow at the very least two weeks between securing a schedule (with deposit) and the initial coaching session so that the Discovery steps can be completed thoroughly — the Two Cents From 'Rents questionnaire, the Ten Sentences Exercise, and the Ten Sentences Exchange. (Because a thoughtful, patient approach to preparations is essential, a lead time of three or four weeks is ideal.) Discovery is launched once Hillside receives the coaching deposit. Please see our Policies regarding incomplete Discovery steps.

2. Seven to ten days between sessions is ideal. We’re aware, however, that the ideal schedule may not be possible around a student’s classes, activities, employment, or travel plans. Most important is to allow no more than ten days between Sessions 1 and 2 (for pre-drafting work). Also be sure to allow enough time after Sessions 2 and 3 for student drafting and revision. Conducting a session via FaceTime or Skype is always possible. If you need guidance in building the support plan, don’t hesitate to be in touch.

3. We will review the Uncommon Essay schedule you create and, if all looks good, we will reach out with a deposit request by e-mail. Once the session times are secured with deposit, we will send out information about Discovery steps. We ask parents to respond promptly to the specific Two Cents From 'Rents questions and, when the timing is right, we reach out to the student with a personal introductory message and access to the Ten Sentences exercise, with a deadline for completion (parents are copied).

Note: We're at work on our fall coaching availability! If you're interested in reserving times in September or October, please check back later this month!

or proceed with scheduling …