Options for Getting to the Better Draft:

Draft Feedback Sessions

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For students who have already worked with a Hillside coach.

Individual feedback sessions — reserved for students who have already worked with a Hillside coach — take place in person in our Lexington office or via video chat. Each session is shaped by the coach's pre-session review of student progress and materials. Drafting of Common App, supplement, transfer, honors-program, or scholarship essays must be submitted to the coach at least 48 hours in advance of the session.

Students who are new to Hillside coaching and are seeking feedback and guidance can sign up for The Draft Intensive.

Click below to inquire about scheduling a Draft-Feedback Session. We will send you a direct link to the scheduling calendar for your Hillside coach.



E-feedback is provided online and through audio or video recordings in which we direct applicants to those aspects of their writing that deserve more attention and provide guidance to advance toward the most compelling and memorable final draft. We move from top to bottom through a draft, providing concerns, questions, ideas, and enthusiasms as well as specific editorial recommendations. In addition to the drafting itself, we ask students to submit particular questions and reflections, and to provide us with any relevant background details or information that may help us in shaping the most useful feedback possible.

E-feedback is available to any student, anywhere. Hillside can accept a limited number of drafts per week. Learn more by clicking the button below.