My daughter had gotten other “essay experts” to provide her with feedback on her draft but it was discouraging and lacking. Allan agreed to work with her and was brilliant. He was able to hone in on exactly what was giving her difficulty and preventing her from taking the essay to the next level. He was amazingly insightful, and his feedback was clear and concise. I don’t think anyone else could have stepped in and accomplished what Allan did. He is truly an expert!   
— Parent, Chappaqua, NY

Hillside offers two ways of delivering specific feedback and instruction to students near and far who have a college-application essay draft in progress or completed and are seeking help in improving it.


Draft Intensive Sessions

Individual feedback sessions — in person or via video chat — for drafts of college-application essays are shaped by the Hillside coach's pre-session review of student materials. Drafting of Common App, supplement, transfer, honors-program, or scholarship essays should be submitted at least 48 hours in advance of the session.

In-person sessions take place at the Hillside Writing office. Learn about Hillside coaches here. More information is available through the scheduling buttons below. 


Scheduling Update:

Allan's first availability for private sessions is in October, and Kate's is in September. Cara's fall calendar is under development — check back soon!

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Feedback Online & by Audio File

Draft feedback is also available online and through audio recordings in which we direct applicants to those aspects of their writing that deserve more attention and provide guidance to advance toward the most compelling and memorable final draft.

In audio files, which we deliver by e-mail, we move from top to bottom through a draft, providing concerns, questions, ideas, and enthusiasms in addition to specific editorial recommendations. The method allows for much more guidance than written feedback does, and it's more personal. Students routinely express appreciation for being able to listen to feedback while looking at a draft, rather than having to negotiate written notes and their intended tone. In essence, the method provides personal coaching without the face-to-face. 

Students who are close to the final draft and need guidance mainly in sharpening points and in trimming an essay to required size are often best served by our written coaching notes provided in shared online documents. 

Hillside can accept a limited number of drafts for feedback per week.

Hillside coaches will begin accepting drafts for feedback after Labor Day.