What’s The Supplements Launch?

The Launch is our strategic program for the college applicant who is ready to identify topics for supplement essays and to begin drafting!

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Is The Supplements Launch Right for Me?

If you’ve completed your main application essay and will need to address five or more substantial supplement prompts in addition to the common “Why are you applying here?” question, we recommend The Supplements Launch for the instruction and strategic organization it provides. If your supplements project is considerably smaller in scope, we recommend scheduling discrete Draft Feedback Sessions, which can be followed by or paired with E-Feedback support.

For students who have completed The Uncommon Essay Course or The WayFinder, materials from the Discovery steps serve as a rich source of ideas and directions for the supplement-writing project. Students who have not taken one of these courses will likely need to extend the Launch with Draft Feedback Sessions in order to allow time for identifying promising material for these essays.

How Does the Launch Work?


College Research and Essay Prompts

The student completes Hillside’s “Why Apply Here?” steps, which provide instruction for performing college-specific research. Discoveries from the research and a collection of the applicant’s supplement prompts are due to the student’s coach before the first session.

Even if the question is focused on the college, don’t just use this as an opportunity to show your knowledge about the college; use your knowledge of the college to tell your own story. University of Richmond admissions officer


The Supplements Planner

The coach creates The Supplements Planner — a customized, shared spreadsheet for project management. The Planner organizes prompts, word limits, deadlines, ideas, and session notes, supporting the strategic thinking necessary for progress.

Session 1: Strategy

Coach and student identify promising experiences to write from and, using The Supplements Planner, discover efficiencies for addressing essay prompts. The coach also provides feedback on the student’s college-specific research. By the end of the session, the student has direction and is ready to begin writing.

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Coaching Sessions

Sessions 2 & 3: Revision and Development

Reading drafting out loud launches top-to-bottom revision work, locating areas for clarification and further reflection. Coach and student also discuss further strategies for addressing additional supplemental essays.

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Options for Further Support

We’ve designed The Supplements Launch to provide instruction, tools, and organizational help so students can approach remaining essays on their own after completing the course. If students would like feedback on additional essays or further strategic guidance, support can be extended through Draft Feedback Sessions or E-Feedback.

What Clients Are Saying About The Supplements Launch

Almost every other supplement I wrote stemmed from the ideas we found for that first essay!
Student, Cambridge, MA