Creative Mentoring for the Young Writer

What’s Creative Mentoring?

This program of one-on-one instruction and encouragement is for students and young writers who seek to develop their skills and sensibilities as literary artists. Our extensive mentoring experience informs a project-based approach: we believe strongly that the most valuable learning opportunities and the most enduring lessons arise from a young writer’s pursuit of a personally meaningful idea, perspective, or story. Finding that connection to a creative mission is therefore often where our teaching begins. From there, we discover the areas for instruction and practice, and inspire the writer’s development as a patient, observant reader. To read as a writer, and find models for emulation, opens the way to effective experimentation.

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Is Creative Mentoring Right for Me?

Whether your goal is to get a grip on the grammatical, to complete an application to a writing program, or to establish an apprenticeship with a working writer, we cultivate a lively and imaginative artistic connection that is serious about pursuing the art with fun and inventive approaches.

We work with students and writers beginning in grade seven.


What Clients Are Writing About Creative Mentoring

You made writing accessible. You made stories that fell flat on the page come alive. You made me a person who really, really loves writing. Thank you for the confidence you have instilled in me.
Student, New York, NY
My daughter’s access to you is a gift. You’re able to work with her and her talent in such a positive, constructive way. Her time with you is one of my favorite parts of her life.
Parent, Boulder, CO
What he learned from you was invaluable. He loved working with you and the process itself. With the tools you are giving him, he is feeling more confident around writing, and we're excited about the opportunity to continue the learning.
Parent, New Orleans, LA