The Transfer Essay

4–6 WeeksDiscovery Process + 3 Private Sessions

What’s The Transfer Essay Program?

The transfer project arises from a personal challenge, but it presents a promising opportunity for students to contemplate who they are and what they want to move toward. Our exploratory and practical one-on-one program for writing transfer essays is designed to help students examine their experiences and articulate an informed vision for their remaining years of college — inside and outside the classroom.


How Does The Transfer Essay Program Work?


The Five Questions Exercise

The transfer applicant receives online access to Hillside’s Five Questions Exercise, our motivating method for launching the writer in discovering their distinct stories, curiosities, and hopes. Through this exercise, we also prompt the student to begin the necessary research about the school(s) to which they are applying.

The Five Questions Exchange

From study of the writer’s Five Questions responses, the Hillside coach gets curious and designs a written online exchange with the writer about promising material, uncovering pivotal details and reflections for exploration in Session One.

Sometimes an essay can be the conduit for a student to reveal something to the admission committee that we would never have thought to ask. Rice University admissions officer on the transfer essay

Coaching Sessions

Session 1: Exploration & Planning

Discovery continues through energetic conversation that reveals story details and reflective truths. With lessons about essay structure, the coach guides the student in building a plan for writing the Common App transfer essay.

Sessions 2 & 3: Planning and Draft Review

Reading drafting out loud launches top-to-bottom revision work, locating areas for clarification and further reflection. In addition to refining the Common App transfer essay, the coach and student may discuss strategies for addressing college-specific transfer prompts, if time allows.

Options for Further Support

Feedback Sessions or E-Feedback may be arranged if further support is desired.

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