Feedback Sessions

What Are Feedback Sessions?

These one-hour sessions offer current Hillside students the opportunity to continue meeting with their coach. One or more sessions can be added to any support program, pending coach availability. They can be used for:

  • Extended work on the main application essay
  • Draft review of supplement essays
  • Strategizing and planning for supplement essays
  • Guided writing sessions

For work on drafting-in-progress, the student’s writing must be submitted in advance of the session for the coach’s review and planning.


Are Feedback Sessions Right for Me?

If you are new to Hillside and seeking feedback on a draft, you are not eligible for these sessions. Please consider The Draft Intensive, through which we can discover more about you and your writing in order to guide you.

If you are already at work with a Hillside coach, you are welcome to sign up for a Feedback Session to continue the work! Please read the “Managing Feedback Sessions Effectively” section of our Coaching Policies for more information. 

E-Feedback is a popular alternative option when scheduling is difficult, or when revision goals are more editorial than exploratory. Your coach can advise you on making a plan.

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