Overview of Application Essay Services

We recommend The Uncommon Essay Course for any writer who is beginning the application-essay writing project. We developed this one-on-one process from our years of studying students’ obstacles, turning points, and insights in the progression from personal story to self-reflection. It’s our most comprehensive, instructive support for undergraduate and graduate application essays.

However, we encounter and help students at different points in their writing, and we understand that budget may be a consideration. The diagram below will help you match your needs to one of our services, and we’re always happy to discuss a support plan.


How Should I Begin With Hillside?

Determine the best one-on-one coaching service for you. (View as pdf)

Diagram guiding reader through service choices. Also available as pdf for accessibility.

The Uncommon Essay Course: Start with our Discovery Steps to find your best material and determine your direction. Then plan, write, and revise with your coach.
Exploration Session(s): Investigate your ideas with a coach, determine next steps, and, if desired, get recommendations for a continuing support plan. 
The Draft Intensive: Work through your draft with a coach and receive feedback on your revision.
E-Feedback: Receive asynchronous feedback electronically.

Once a student begins work with a Hillside coach, additional coaching sessions or E-Feedback can be added to the plan as needed. Coaches will suggest next steps. We also offer coaching for school-specific essays.

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