"The feedback was brilliant. He was able to hone in on exactly what was giving my daughter difficulty and preventing her from taking the essay to the next level. He was amazingly insightful."

— Chappaqua, NY


How Does the Intensive Work?

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Pre-Session Prep

A week before the scheduled Intensive, the student sends his or her draft — and any related notes, questions, or reflections — to the coach for study. After review, the coach may request further information or send specific questions for the student’s response. From the materials gathered, the coach designs the approach to the Intensive session.

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One-on-One Feedback

In session, after the student reads the draft out loud, the coach shares points to celebrate and pursue alongside points to question or reconsider. Student and coach then work top-to-bottom through the draft, exploring for needed details and uncovering points for reflection. The coach also takes advantage of opportunities to teach sentence-level lessons about effective writing.

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The Revision Roadmap

Within 48 hours after the Intensive, with consideration of discoveries achieved in the session, the coach packages specific revision recommendations and food for thought in a document or audio file. This roadmap to the better draft is emailed to the student.


Draft Intensive Scheduling

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